Flipkart Account Management Services

Flipkart Account management is a client services and product services role that focuses and center on the development of encouraging client relationships. Managing and overseeing the relationships connecting among the client and sales and customer support, and keep hold of their long-term business and commerce from side to side agreement and convention renewals and restoration by ensuring client or customer’s satisfaction.

What is account management by codezion?

Account management by codezion is a cooperative combined considered and planned technique that businesses and commences follow to maintaining their finest clients, all along with their entrepreneurial and consumer journey. Account Management by codezion is a method and technique for the account manager to consider and imagine purposefully, advantageously, and find business continuity opportunities with their key accounts.

Account management by codezion procedure is starting off later than the sales operation is complete. Account management by the codezion is the daily management of the customer’s account and holding to make customers want to continue the connection and relationship with your company and business.

Why choose codezion only?

We are the only service provider at every step for a successful brand building or implementation from consultation to development, optimization, building, implementation. We are having a number of experiences in account management, taxation, analyzing, and reconciliation. Codezion is the only company that provides continuing services to 100+ suppliers individually. Team members of codezion our dedicated account managers, designing, advertising, dedicated listing and also support our customers.

The thing that codezion provide to their customers –

Codezion provides some services to their customers, things that codezion do for to their customer or for their account management services. The service we are going to mention and discuss below-
  • Product Listing & Catalogue Management
  • Innovation Ideas & Suggestions
  • Daily Performance Analysis & Monitoring
  • Customer Chat Support
  • Return Management & Claims
  • Brand Infringement Protection
  • Return Management & Claims
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Payment, Order & Return Reconciliation
  • Monthly Keywords Update for Visibility
  • Ticket replies & RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Product Ranking Report
  • Customer Service
  • Increase Online Presence
  • Flipkart Assured (FA) & Smart Fulfilment Suggestion
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Price & Inventory Management
  • Elevate Your Product Visibility With Our Services
  • Self-ship Order Tracking
  • Increased Impressions
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Sales
  • And many more
These are the services or things that we do in account management for our customers and users. If you looking for better Flipkart account management services then codezion is the best platform to get a solution to your problem, you can get in touch with us at with just one click.